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Tài liệu đính kèm: Tải về





Năm học 2019 - 2020


(Dành cho tất cả thí sinh)

Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề

(Đề thi gồm có 04 trang)


Mã đề: 2019


(Thí sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào đề thi theo hướng dẫn dưới mỗi câu)


Giám khảo số 1

(Họ tên, chữ ký)

Giám khảo số 2

(Họ tên, chữ ký)

Số phách

(Do Chủ tịch HĐ ghi)

Bằng số

Bằng chữ












I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Example: 00. A. hour          B. holiday                  C. household                        D. handsome

Answer:   00. A

01. A. walks                          B. pens                       C. students                            D. cups

02. A. teacher                       B. seat                        C. meat                                  D. bear

03. A. protected                   B. visited                  C. destroyed                         D. eliminated

04. A. ride                             B. sit                           C. life                                     D. size

05. A. cheer                           B. church                   C. chemist                             D. choose


01. B

02. D

03. C

04. B

05. C


II. Give the correct tense of the verbs in parentheses. 

06. I _________ English since I was a child. (learn)

07. They  ____________  here yesterday. (not come)

08. When it started to rain, the children  ____________  in the yard. (play)

09. We often  __________for a picnic on the weekend. (go)

10. Listen! Peter __________ the piano. (practice) 


06. have learnt/ have learned/

have been learning

07. didn’t come/ did not come

08. were playing

09. go

10. is practicing/ practising



III. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank in each sentence.

11. Mathematics and Literature are __________ subjects in high schools.

A. additional                         B. compulsory          C. optional                            D. religious

12. The United States has a(n) _____________ of around 250 million.

A. population                         B. addition                C. instruction                        D. territory

13.  The weather _________ for tomorrow isn’t very good.

A. foreman                            B. forecast                 C.  news                                D. foresee

14. The weather was bad, __________ we didn’t go for a picnic.

A. However                           B. but                         C. because                             D. so

15. - “Would you like to go and visit the museum tomorrow?”  - “ ___________ ”

A. That’s right.                     B. I like to see it.      C. You must want it.            D. Yes, I’d love to.

16. Mary is here, ___________?

A. isn’t she                            B. is she                     C. is Mary                              D. isn’t Mary

17. If I were you, I __________ some rest before the game tomorrow.

A. will take                            B. would take           C. would have taken            D. took

18.  The boy__________eyes are brown is my friend.

A. whose                               B. who                       C. whom                                D. which

19. Ha was the only candidate________ the job.

A. offered                              B. to offer                  C. offering                             D. to be offered

20. - Ellen: “_________?”   - Tom: “He’s tall and thin with blue eyes.”

      A. How is John doing                                       B. What does John like

      C. What does John look like                            D. Who does John look like


11. B

12. A

13. B

14. D

15. D

16. A

17. B

18. A

19. D

20. C


IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that needs correcting.

Example: 00.  She wishes her parents will come here tomorrow.

                                  A                 B       C               D

Answer:   00. C

21. I’m looking forward to hear  from you.Write to me soon.

               A                           B        C                                D

22. Mr. Pike, that got the award last month, is a good doctor.

                       A    B            C                       D

23. The ambassador, together with his wife and children, are at the party.

        A                               B                           C                   D

24. I asked her whether was there a fridge in the kitchen.

           A                B           C                           D

25. What is the different between floods and  flash floods?

                             A             B                   C          D


21. B

22. A

23. D

24. C

25. A


V. Give the correct form of the words in parentheses.

26. These clothes look very modern and ___________. (fashion)

27. My father has a large ___________ in coins. (collect)

28. “Please read this text __________ .” (care)

29.  My younger sister wants to become a famous_________in the future. (sing)

30. I like the book because it is ____________. (interest)


26. fashionable

27. collection

28. carefully

29. singer

30. interesting


VI. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank in the following passage.

I live in (00)____ small village (31)____Henfield – there are about 500 people here. I love it because it is (32)____and life is slow and easy. You never (33)____queue in shops or banks. The village is clean – people (34)_____it and don’t throw rubbish in the streets. The air is also (35)____because there’s not much heavy traffic. It’s much more (36)____here than in a city. Everyone knows everyone and (37)____someone has problems, there are always people who can help. There aren’t (38)____things I don’t like about Henfield. One thing is that there’s not much (39)____in the evening – we haven’t got any cinemas or theaters. Another problem is that people always talk about (40)____and everyone knows what everyone else is doing. But I still prefer village life to life in a big city.

Example: 00. A. the            B. a                             C. an                                       D. ---

Answer:   00. B

31. A. was                              B. is                            C. called                                D. name

32. A. quietly                        B. quiet                      C. noisy                                 D. noisily

33. A. had                              B. should                   C. wait                                   D. have to

34. A. look after                   B. find                        C. think                                 D. look for

35. A. dirty                            B. not clean               C. clean                                 D. dizzy

36. A. friendly                      B. unfriendly            C. boring                               D. uninteresting

37. A. if                                  B. and                       C. so                                       D. but

38. A. much                          B. a little                   C. a few                                  D. many

39. A. doing                          B. to do                      C. jobs                                   D. things

40. A. another                       B. everyone               C. each other                         D. anyone


31. C

32. B

33. D

34. A

35. C

36. A

37. A

38. D

39. B

40. C


VII. Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to each question.

It is very important to have healthy teeth. Good teeth help us to chew our food. They also help us to look nice. How does a tooth go bad? The decay begins in a little crack in the enamed covering of the tooth. This happens after germs and bits of food have collected there. Then the decay slowly spreads inside the tooth. Eventually, poison goes into blood, and we may feel quite ill.

How can we keep our teeth healthy? Firstly, we ought to visit our dentist twice a year. He can fill the small holes in our teeth before they destroy the teeth. He can examine our teeth to check that they are growing in the right way. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have toothache before they see a dentist.

Secondly, we should brush our teeth with a toothbrush and flouride toothpaste at least twice a day- once after breakfast and once before we go to bed. We can also use wooden toothpicks to clean between our teeth after a meal.

Thirdly, we should eat food that is good for our teeth and our body: milk, cheese, fish, brown bread, potatoes, red rice, raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes are bad, especially when we eat them between meals. They are harmful because they stick to our teeth and cause decay.

41. Good teeth help us to _________.

A. be nice                  B. have a good eyesight      C. chew our food       D. be important

42. When food and germs collect in a small crack, our teeth_____________.

A. become hard                                                        B. begin to decay     

C. send poison into the blood                                D. make us feel quite ill

43. A lot of people visit a dentist only when__________.

A. their teeth grow properly                                   B. they have holes in their teeth

C. they have toothache                                           D. they have brushed their teeth

44. We ought to try to clean our teeth____________.

A.  once a day                                                           B. at least twice a day

C. between meals                                                     D. before breakfast

45. We shouldn’t eat a lot of____________.

A. red rice                 B. fresh fruit                          C. fish                        D. chocolate


41. C

42. B

43. C

44. B

45. D


VIII. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed  before it.

46. These students have already done the homework.

        The homework  has already been done by these students.

47. I’m sorry I can’t help you.

        I wish I could help you.

48. “I am going to the meeting now,” said the teacher.

        The teacher said she was going to the meeting then.

49. They don’t have time, but they try to eat dinner together.

       Although they don’t have time, they try to eat dinner together.

50. If he knew how to operate this machine, he would show us.

      Were he to know how to operate this machine, he would show us.


                                                                            Total mark: 50/5 =10

                                                                                     The end

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